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Rivero Digital and WPML

With Rivero Digital, you gain seamless access to WPML’s incredible multilingual capabilities. As a multilingual agency we provide registration for WPML and its commercial plugins, ensuring you can effortlessly integrate WPML into your WordPress site. Our expert team handles the installation and setup, so you can focus on communicating with diverse audiences in their native languages.

As your trusted affiliates of WPML, you can obtain the plugin directly through us, or feel free to explore their pricing and get it from the official WPML website. Embrace the world with WPML – powered by Rivero Digital – and unlock your website’s full potential.

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Your gateway to creating dynamic and engaging multilingual websites

In today’s interconnected world, catering to diverse audiences in different languages is essential for expanding your reach and impact. WPML empowers WordPress users to effortlessly translate and manage content, making it the go-to solution for building a truly global online presence.

WPML stands for WordPress Multilingual Plugin, a feature-rich extension designed to seamlessly integrate with your WordPress website. With over a decade of refinement, WPML has become the leading choice for website owners and developers seeking a reliable and user-friendly multilingual solution.

Built to accommodate businesses of all sizes, bloggers, e-commerce sites, and more, WPML streamlines the process of creating and managing multilingual content. Whether you are an individual blogger or an enterprise-level corporation, WPML provides the tools you need to engage with audiences worldwide.

Main features of WPML

Flexible Translation Methods

WPML offers a variety of translation options to suit your needs. For ultimate convenience, leverage WPML’s Automatic Translation, powered by Google, DeepL, and Microsoft, to save up to 90% of your time with machine translations. You can then fine-tune the translations through WPML’s review process, adding a human touch to achieve top-notch quality. Alternatively, you have the freedom to control your translation workflow – translate your entire site automatically, use automatic translation for specific posts and pages, or opt for professional human translation by either assembling your own team of translators or utilizing partner services offered by WPML.

Multilingual Content Translation

WPML’s core feature allows you to translate all types of content on your WordPress site effortlessly. From pages and posts to custom post types and taxonomies, the plugin offers a straightforward and intuitive translation process. Connect with your target audience by providing content in their native language and fostering a personalized user experience.


WPML is designed to work harmoniously with an extensive range of themes, plugins, and WordPress versions. This compatibility ensures that your website maintains its functionality and aesthetics, even after implementing multilingual capabilities.


Search engine optimization is crucial for visibility and organic traffic. WPML ensures that your translated content remains SEO-friendly, allowing search engines to index and rank your site correctly in different languages.

OnTheGoSystems: The company behind WPML

With years of expertise and a customer-centric approach, OnTheGoSystems is committed to breaking language barriers and connecting businesses with global audiences. Their innovative solutions, coupled with exceptional customer support, make them the go-to choice for WordPress users seeking efficient and effective multilingual capabilities.

Multilingual Success: Agencia EFE Embraces Global Audiences with WPML

Agencia EFE, the leading international news agency based in Spain, stands as a testament to the power of WPML in creating a seamless multilingual experience. With a global reach and a commitment to delivering timely and accurate news, Agencia EFE recognized the importance of connecting with diverse audiences in their native languages.

Facing the challenge of catering to readers across different regions, Agencia EFE turned to WPML for their multilingual website needs. WPML’s flexible translation methods and robust features provided the ideal solution for the agency’s mission. By integrating WPML into their WordPress website, Agencia EFE effortlessly offers news content in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, ensuring they reach readers across the Iberian Peninsula, the Americas, and beyond.

Thanks to the reliable support from OnTheGoSystems, the company behind WPML, Agencia EFE was able to streamline their translation workflow, enabling fast and efficient updates across all language versions. By choosing WPML, Agencia EFE has elevated their online presence, delivering the latest news in multiple languages and forging stronger connections with their global audience.

With Agencia EFE’s success story as inspiration, join the multilingual movement powered by WPML and open doors to a world of possibilities for your own website. Let WPML be the catalyst for expanding your reach and embracing audiences from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Discover the Perfect WPML Plan for Your Multilingual Journey

WPML offers convenient pricing plans tailored to businesses and web agencies seeking to build exceptional multilingual WordPress sites. With each plan, you receive dedicated support, updates for a year, and the assurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Multilingual Blog Plan:

Ideal for bloggers and smaller websites, this basic plan equips you with standard translation controls, enabling seamless translation of content using the WordPress editor. Connect with your audience in multiple languages with ease.

Multilingual CMS Plan:

The complete solution for multilingual WordPress websites, the CMS plan includes advanced features like the Advanced Translation Editor, Automatic Translation, String Translation, and Translation Management. Additionally, you can fully translate WooCommerce sites, leverage Page Builders support, and enjoy Full Site Editing support from Gutenberg.

Multilingual Agency Plan:

Designed for agencies and enterprises building multiple multilingual websites, this comprehensive plan offers all the features of the CMS plan. It takes it a step further with Automatic Translation and support for an unlimited number of websites.

Transparent Licensing and Support

WPML’s annual licenses ensure continuous updates and dedicated support throughout the subscription period. We recommend renewing your license to retain access to ongoing updates and support. For your convenience, you can obtain WPML directly from Rivero Digital, or explore pricing and purchase options on

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