Data Privacy Meets Powerful Analytics: Choose Matomo as Your Alternative to Google Analytics

As a European customer, protecting user data and ensuring GDPR compliance are crucial considerations when it comes to website analytics. Matomo Analytics offers the perfect solution, combining powerful analytics capabilities with robust data privacy features.
Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo Analytics provides you with full control and ownership of your data. With Matomo, your website’s analytics data remains on your own server, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

100% Data Ownership

Rest assured, with Matomo Analytics, you retain complete ownership and control of your data, free from any prying eyes. Unlike Google Analytics, where your data is utilized to fuel its advertising platform, Matomo Analytics prioritizes user privacy. Feel confident utilizing analytics without any concerns about your data being exploited for marketing or other purposes. Your data remains secure and solely in your hands when you choose Matomo Analytics for insightful website analysis.

Open Source

Matomo stands apart by empowering individuals with the fundamental rights of software freedom. These freedoms foster a thriving Matomo community, where shared experiences and collective expertise drive continuous improvement. By granting users the freedom to install and use Matomo, we enable collaboration and innovation, fueling the growth and advancement of this remarkable analytics platform. Join the Matomo community today and embrace the spirit of software freedom to shape the future of analytics together.

GDPR Manager

Matomo takes GDPR compliance seriously and provides an advanced GDPR Manager to ensure your website adheres to the regulations. As the GDPR landscape evolves, Matomo remains dedicated to staying ahead of these changes, guaranteeing a secure web experience for all users. With Matomo, you can trust that your website will align with the latest GDPR requirements, allowing you to prioritize data protection and create a safer digital environment.

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