Bokx-Kreativ: Embracing the Power of WordPress Through a Seamless Migration

In the heart of Berlin, Bokx-Kreativ, a cherished paper shop, set forth on an extraordinary digital journey, determined to redefine their online presence. Teaming up with Rivero Digital, experts in crafting multilingual websites, they embarked on a path to unlock their full potential. Through meticulous planning, seamless migration, and strategic enhancements, Bokx-Kreativ’s digital landscape flourished, leaving a trail of remarkable accomplishments.

From Jimdo to WordPress

Facing an impending contract expiration with Jimdo, Bokx-Kreativ found themselves at a pivotal crossroads. Seeking greater flexibility and creative freedom, they entrusted Rivero Digital to guide them through the migration to WordPress. The decision proved transformative, setting the stage for an empowered online presence.

Preserving the Essence

Respecting the cherished work of Bokx-Kreativ’s previous designer, Rivero Digital took on the challenge of preserving the original essence. With finesse and precision, they skillfully adapted a WordPress template, artfully coding custom CSS. The result was a harmonious blend of familiarity and innovation, breathing new life into the website.

Enhancing the Experience

With the migration complete, Rivero Digital’s expertise brought forth an array of enhancements. Redesigning the header and menu elevated the user experience, while strategic removal of outdated e-commerce functionality paved the way for future improvements.

Optimizing for Success

Fueled by technical prowess, Rivero Digital optimized URLs, skillfully shortening them and configuring essential 301 redirects. Ongoing monitoring through Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools showcased the website’s ascent in search results, a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Dynamic News Section

The addition of a dynamic news section ignited the website with vibrancy. Captivating stories of seasonal crafting workshops and origami courses engaged visitors, fostering a deeper connection with customers. WordPress’s blog features breathed life into the website, paving the way for an era of content engagement.

Strategic Hosting with Simplenet

Bokx-Kreativ chose Simplenet as their domain and hosting provider, leveraging their expertise as WordPress specialists. Opting for an entry hosting plan, strategically selected to suit the website’s scale, Bokx-Kreativ achieved considerable cost reduction by securing a long-term contract with a discount coupon.

Envisioning the Future

With the foundation firmly established, Bokx-Kreativ’s journey doesn’t end here. Inspired by their success, they set their sights on embracing a bilingual presence, reaching a global audience through English translations. Plans for an optimized online shop demonstrate the ambitious vision of delivering a seamless e-commerce experience.

Bokx-Kreativ’s partnership with Rivero Digital has been transformative, unlocking new possibilities in the digital realm. From seamless migration to innovative enhancements, their journey stands as a testament to dedication, expertise, and collaboration. As Bokx-Kreativ continues to craft their digital narrative, the future holds boundless opportunities for growth, creativity, and enduring success.

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